We are pleased to offer our North American customers the fine maritime books published
by CARMANIA PRESS of London. All are definitive works by authorities in ocean liner and shipping history
and feature superb reproductions of historic and modern photographs on heavily coated stock in sewn bindings.

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by Clive Harvey.

This is an extremely authoritative, lavishly illustrated history of Cunard's original Queen Elizabeth, running mate of the great Queen Mary and, for years after her completion in 1940, the largest liner in the World. After a heroic wartime career as a troopship, she and the Queen Mary ran probably the most successful transatlantic liner service ever. Decline set in with the coming of the jet airliners but for a time the Queen Elizabeth combined her Atlantic service with a successful career as a cruise ship. There followed disastrous projects to use her as a floating hotel in Philadelphia and then in Florida but it seemed that rescue was at hand when a Hong Kong shipping magnate bought her for use as a university cruise ship. Alas, just as it seemed that success would be hers once more, she was destroyed by fire as she lay in Hong Kong harbor - a tragic end to the career of one of the World's greatest, fastest and most luxurious liners.

208 pages, 70 full-color and 108 b&w illustrations, two fold-out plans, cover painting by Don Stoltenberg, 8.25 x 10.75, hardcover, 2008. $55.00


by Anthony Cooke

116 pages, 171 photographs including 77 in color, 8.25 x 10.75, 2007
$43.00, hardcover, a Carmania Press original

The Fred. Olsen family have been shipowners for five generations, proudly Norwegian but with very strong British connections. Their business dates back to 1848 when the first Fred. Olsen acuired two tiny sailing ships. Today, Olsens control fleets of tankers, oil rigs, ferries and, most famously, cruise ships. This book is the story of the various passenger vessels which they have owned over the years and records the enterprise of this remarkable family whose interests have spread from Norway to Britiain, the Canary Islands and Morocco.

(With Portsmouth, Poole and Weymouth)

by R. Bruce Grice and David F. Hutchings
212 pages, 171 photographs - 25 in full color, 8.25 x 10.75, 2006
$65.00, hardcover, a Carmania Press original

ENGLAND'S SOUTH COAST PORTS - Southampton, Portsmouth, Poole, and Weymouth - have played host to an enormous variety of ships over the years. Southampton is still frequented by many of the world's greatest passenger ships, while Portsmouth has long been the home of naval vessels, both historic and ultra-modern. For half a century and more, R. Bruce ("Bob") Grice has recorded this passing scene with his camera. A brilliant professional photographer, he has captured the everyday activity and the spirit of these ports and has observed many of the great set-piece events, such as the Silver Jubilee Fleet Review and the Tall Ships' Race. Sometimes he has hitched a lift on tugs, or climbed cranes, in order to gain the best view for extra-special pictures. Now, at last, some of his finest images, from photographs of HMS Victory to the new Queen Mary 2 are available in this new book. Much more than a book of photographs, it also has an informed and highly readable text by David F. Hutchings, the author of numerous successful works on great liners. He tells the story of each vessel so remarkably recorded in R. Bruce Grice's images. They make a great partnership!


by Stephen J. Card, M.N.I.
176 pp., 12 x 9, 40 full-color paintings, 9 original pen-and-ink drawings, 2005.
Cloth, 75.00
This is a sumptuous book. Stephen Card, whose paintings of liners and other vessels are so well known to shiplovers, was commissioned to produce a collection of pictures to be hung on board the new Queen Mary 2. These are now reproduced on heavy matte archival paper and printed in five colors for superb results in this beautiful book. They present a splendid pictorial history of the most famous ships of the Cunard fleet, including the Britannia of 1840, Mauretania, Lusitania, Aquitania, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, QE2, QM2 among many. Each painting is accompanied by an informative text outlining the history of the ship portrayed. To make the book even more valuable, it includes a chapter by Stephen Card in which he writes about his work, his tools, and the techniques he uses; an introduction by Commodore Ron Warwick, the QM2's master; a foreword by Stephen M. Payne, the new liner's designer; and a chapter by Maurizio Eliseo about the building and testing of the ship, in which he was involved. Presented in tear-resistent dust jacket, this is a BIG book to enjoy for years. Order InfoReturn to Home Page

A Pictorial Record of Passenger Ships in the 1930s

by William H. Miller, Anthony Cooke, Maurizio Eliseo
239 pp., 9.5 x 11.75, illustrated, 2005.
Cloth, 75.00
They were the greatest and, in ways, grandest of the floating palaces--those magnificent liners of the 1920s and '30s. They sail again in a splendid, coffee-table style book of a vast collection of 300 mostly unpublished photos. There's the entire cast: Mauretania, Olympic, Berengaria, Paris, Ile de France, Bremen, Rex, Normandie, Queen Mary, America and many more, 105 ships to be precise. A trio of fine maritime authors--William Miller, Anthony Cooke, and Maurizio Eliseo--have created what some have called "the finest book on ocean liners in recent years!" It is a "must" for all maritime libraries. Order InfoReturn to Home Page


by Bruce Peter
176 pp., 8-3/8 x 10-3/4, 25 color and 189 b&w photographs, 2004.
Hardcover, 55.00
This is an authoritative and superbly-produced title on some of the world's most interesting liners. It has Carmania's usually high production values, but this title is further enhanced with a hardback cover and printed dust jacket. Norway, Denmark and Sweden have produced many fine passenger ships, both for short-sea routes and for longer voyages across the Atlantic and elsewhere. And, of course, Norwegian owners have been at the forefront of the modern booming cruise industry. Indeed, since the 1960s, Scandinavian designers have been responsible for many outstanding and innovative ships that have established the trends followed by other nations. Bruce Peter's new book is an account of the history, design and, above all, the style of these ships. It is highly readable and heavily illustrated with color and black-and-white photographs. Among the ships described are the Winston Churchill; Sagafjord; Vistafjord; the luxurious Kungsholms, GripSholms and Stockholms; and the modern cruise ships of companies such as Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line.
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